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William Stevens

I really like the tips and tricks when first starting as a Santa.

Santa Rep. since 2019


Michael Beurer

The topics covered by Santa Stuart and the communication with Santa Stuart are what I like most.

Santa Rep. since 2019

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Matt Spaulding

The wig and beard styling videos are great as are the digital backgrounds!

Santa Rep. since 2019

Larry Shaw

I like the professionalism of the videos. I like following the journey of Stuart into the craft and his amazing transformation.

Santa Rep. since 1978


Jonathan Granados

I like the fact that the website is easy to use and highly informational... the Reindeer fact course was simply superb in helping me achieve a even more realistic approach to being a Santa Claus Ambassador.

Santa Rep. since 2012


Christopher Gillis

The open forum discussions have been very helpful. Building camaraderie and learning from peers.

Santa Rep. since 2020


Mel Rickard

The information I have learned just in the past year alone will always be invaluable to me. Santa Stuart presents this in a beautiful concise way that makes you want to step up your game and make the Man in Red proud.

Santa Rep. since 1994


Kelly McKenna

The thing I like most about the workshop is Santa Stuart’s Spirit.

Santa Rep. since 2016

Santa Head Shot - Kris Kringle Jim.jpg

James Morris

I like the fact that if I have any questions about a product or idea, I can log right on to the website and get the information or location to find the information. Stuart has been great and helpfully himself also!

Santa Rep. since 2012

A81DDF82-66CF-48E5-8504-030B87126878_1_201_a - Joe_JoeGrady_edited.jpg

Joe Grady

The professional presentations are timely and informative and very right to the point. Santa Stuart maybe on the young side of the Santa community but his knowledge, education, and passion puts him in the big league with some of the most seasoned Santas. His humor along with his technical experience makes you want to hear more, and more. He makes it fun, exciting, and makes you want to put on the suit and go out and spread holiday cheer!

Santa Rep. since 2018

BF7CFA93-B55B-4FD2-9946-32844D07C6B4 - Ernest Rousseau_edited.jpg

Ernest Rousseau

If you have it in your heart and mind anyone can represent Santa with the knowledge learned here.

Santa Rep. since 2016


New Member

What do you like about

the Jr. Claus Workshop?

Santa Rep. since 2024


The Santa Claus Workshop

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