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Theatrical Beard Course


Styling hair pieces doesn’t need to be a mystical process. Both yak and human hair can be washed, styled, and set using different techniques. White hair will yellow (whether grown yourself or by another person or yak) and end up matted and/or tangled after repeatedly using styling products without washing.


This course is designed to take students through the entire process of using theatrical pieces. All lace pieces need to be properly trimmed, washed, styled, stored, and cleaned to extend their life. A focus on proper placement of pieces for different kinds of faces, how to obtain and develop a character specific style of wig and beard, and the benefits of using different adhesives will all be covered.

3 Week Theatrical Beard Course



Covers how to style, care for, color, clean, and use adhesive with theatrical beard pieces.

Collaboration with other theatrical bearded Santa Clauses

Q&A's and interactive lessons

Access to resources for styling

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