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The Man Behind the Beard

Santa Claus 2021

Santa Claus 2021

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When I began my career as a Santa Claus representative, easily accessible resources were scarce. I was unable to find a site that had tutorials, written instruction, and mentorship all wrapped up into one package, especially on subjects and topics I needed immediate answers about. It wasn't until my third season that I was officially invited into the Christmas performer community and found some limited online instruction.


With my experience as a film student and a few seasons under my belt, I began making videos on YouTube documenting my journey, helpful resources, and my take on Santa Claus. These videos were part of a small video series entitled "Secrets of Being Santa." The following year, "The Jr. Claus Workshop" (now "the Santa Claus Workshop") was officially underway and dozens of more episodes were produced and occasionally featured other Santa Claus representatives.

The whole purpose of the Workshop is to provide a place of instruction for those just starting out who may not have the budget or time to take off from work and attend a Santa School in person. The instruction contained on the website is practical, accessible around the globe, features the latest instruction on virtual experiences, and is driven by a passion to improve the image of Santa Claus worldwide.


It is my hope that this platform will help provide enough basic Santa Claus education to raise awareness in performers to increase their skill and craft when portraying and representing the most cherished figure in holiday history.

                                                 - Stuart Deacon Jr., aka Santa Stuart