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This custom document comes printed on thinly-aged paper complete with professional header and borders. The body paragraph remains the same while the date and name can be changed as requested. Before your item will ship, you will receive an email asking the name and the year you would like on the letter (we strongly recommend your actual first and last name).


Document comes with a gently embossed gold sticker featuring Santa Claus' profile and holly wreath. Also included is Santa's coat of arms, and an authentic signature.


This letter will be send folded in an envelope addressed to recipient and adorned with a one of a kind custom wax seal.


Letter can be displayed in frame or in shadow box next to envelope, or kept tucked away and brought out when most needed.


Though there are similar items offered elsewhere, this product has been created specifically for Santa Stuart and is now offered to other Santa Claus ambassadors for a limited time.

Invitation of Representation

  • The design of the embossed stamp, wax seal, and the signature of Santa Claus were all created by and belong to Stuart Deacon Jr.

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