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Wanna Be in Charge?

It's been a while, but I need your help.

I'm faced with a problem that has very much to do with this website. Tis a lovely website and the layout and content will grow with time, but that's not what I'm having trouble with. As the sole manager of the content here, I find I'm not posting or uploading new content as often as I'd like. That affects me more than it does those of you who are members and patrons. Though business has been slow, I still want to open up a store on this site with goods others can purchase should they have the mind to do so.

Currently on the site you can see a tab for a store, but most of what there is to offer (as of right now, really just digital video assets, overlays, and backgrounds) comes lumped with patronage. The majority of the videos on the site have rarely been watched, but there have been many downloads of the assets available.

I also would like to offer physical goods. Letters, stationery, and other small trinkets that wouldn't be too difficult to ship. As a man running the workshop without any elves, it is a bit difficult to manage the production of hard goods than it is the digital ones.

With the growth of the Jr. Claus Workshop and all the goods and services I have to offer, I am at a crossroads during this difficult time. I want to enable the option of having a store where members and patrons alike can pick and choose what little morsels they'd like to order, without having to come up with a large down payment (this line of thought has also influenced the debate on doing a monthly subscription for plans).

Now, I have most everything in order on my end except for one thing: I cannot currently run a shop on my site and accept payments. Though I can create and manage plans, my plan with my web hosting service does not currently allow me to have a shop. HOWEVER, I can upgrade to that option for a significant (to me) amount of $$$.

My question to you is this: What are your thoughts on this? What would you like to see happen?

Business is no business unless there is business. The economy isn't the most stable at the moment and many of us are suffering from lack of income in some way or another. Would it even be worth upgrading to serve you, the members of the workshop? I don't have much $$ to invest into this endeavor currently, or else I would have done so already. Would you prefer a shop and monthly plans? Or should we hold off for another year or two until we absolutely HAVE to have a shop for all the goodies offered and THEN we grow?

Not only would you be able to pick and choose what you'd like, I could list all I have to offer in one place. Those of you who'd like me to style your traditional hair pieces? Check. Custom video assets? Check. Scheduled video conference consultation? Check. This would open up many options, but it comes down to would YOU find this helpful and would YOU prefer it as a member?

Comment your thoughts on this post if you would. Help me, members of the Jr. Claus Workshop, you're my only hope.

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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Brian Carter
Brian Carter
Mar 04, 2021

I’m thinking you need to ask yourself one question: if you want this to be business, and not a hobby (can be a mix), is there significant demand for what you offer? Not for just consumption, there’s obviously a lot of demand for that, but high enough demand that folks are willing to part with their money rather than float off somewhere else.

I’ve seen so many businesses with incredible products come and go for one reason: not enough of the right kind of demand.

Your content is fantastic, but will people buy it? So much of this creative stuff is a tough sell these days. I struggle with the same dilemma. I’m not saying people won’t buy it.…


1) Would you be kind enough to darken your font here for us old timers ?

(yes, I have adjusted my monitor, thank you)

2) A monthly subscription plan would likely help ease people into your website.

3 You could be the king of digital assets if they were available without membership.

Set prices slightly higher than competition because your content is better.

4) Rhetorical questions re: a hard goods store...

would another web hosting service offer more flexibility ?

how many categories or items do you want to showcase?

how many will be exclusive ?

do you have spare money available to purchase inventory ?

how many months to you plan to tie up your dollars in inventory ?


Mar 04, 2021

Are you thinking of offering things that aren't already available on other sites? You do all your work with such a high quality, I am sure whatever you come up with to order will be good. I have found that we don't do much Santa stuff, videos, learning etc. throughout the year. I don't even do Santa Ed's many zoom meetings or watch the videos except right at Christmas time. A couple years we have subscribed to his service but found we didn't use it to make it worthwhile. Now we just do the free subscription and are on his facebook page. Actually, I get almost all we use from his facebook page. Do you have a facebook page? …

Santa Stuart
Santa Stuart
Mar 04, 2021
Replying to

We do have a Facebook page and a Facebook group, though I don't do this full-time (hence the lack of an extensive library/quick turnaround of projects). This whole website is for beginners or those who want a different take on things. I have considered "levels" before, but it just doesn't seem right when I have so little to divvy up and put into levels! I have to agree with you though, I think a free plan and just one paid subscription may be the best option. As always, thank you for your thoughts (they help with my own!).

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