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The Sound of Santa

The magical aesthetic that comes from properly choosing music astounds me. For those of you who have watched season 01 on here, you'll notice that each of the episodes was produced rather quickly which resulted in a few things I'm not entirely proud of.

Many of the episodes are lit differently (drives me bonkers, but what are you going to do when you're setting stuff up and down multiple times during production?), the episodes can sometimes be more stiff than the Secrets of Being Santa Claus series on YouTube.

There is one thing that seemed to fit at the time of production but now will haunt me forever: each episode has the exact same soundtrack.

With making the videos for this past Christmas season, I had to search long and hard for appropriate music for the theme, but also music that would add to or match the message being relayed. With videos that are short and contain announcements, the task isn't that so difficult. The problem grows however with the length of the project.

Much like a story, music can take the audience places. There are ups and downs, excitement and fear, these are all enhanced with melody.

What actually sells the epic journey we follow from the Shire to the dark lands of Mordor? Why do we cheer for the man in a hat as he ventures across continents? How can we be moved to tears in moments where we merely are witnesses to emotions portrayed on screen and page if we are not there?

It is this problem I am having now with preparations for season 02. What is the mood and how can I contribute, and not detract, from the magical adventure representing Santa Claus really is? My take on Santa Claus is a bit different from the toy-store figurine. I picture Santa as a bit more wondrous and splendid than what I have heard from most. Much more colorful and cosy than the stop-motion Santa videos of the 60's and 70's portray.

It's that setting and feeling I am tasked with showing all the young Santa Claus representatives. I musn't pull back the curtain all the way, but a glimpse of the magic and wonder that can be felt as one prepares to become the best they can be at representing Santa Claus will be allowed.

Perhaps it's the feeling you get when you hear of the history of those who have come before you. That feeling can be felt when one gets excited or has an "ah-HA!" moment. It's the reason I share what I can with those willing to be a part of something new and different.

I would give most everything to go back to when I first discovered the Santa Claus community and had many representatives reach out to me on social media. I felt the magic then as we built "comradic" bonds. Now I have become accustomed to it. We each have our own lives outside of Santa Claus, as it should be.

As such, perhaps I should focus on producing a little bit more magic for my own experiences, and a little less on searching in vain for someone else to provide it for me. No matter what may come, I'm excited to add the soundtrack to these different teachings being released in July of 2021.

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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