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The Beard Problem

Whether you are a traditional bearded or real bearded Santa Claus representative, if you don't have a good looking beard you are disgracing the image of Santa Claus.

I've seen some really bad beards, both real and designer/traditional, that are so cringe worthy. It is important to look your best, and if you don't have an amazing beard you are doing a disservice to the image of Santa Claus.

That's not to say that you should either be perfect your first season and have no room for improvement, oh no. It is a part of the learning process of how to properly style and care for a beard. Perhaps that means some reflection on your part if your real beard is too wiry or the mustache in very poor shape. If you have a traditional beard and it doesn't resemble a beard at all, there are also better options out there.

As part of the Jr. Claus Workshop Season 1 video series there is a section devoted for learning how to style traditional/designer beard pieces. This collection will grow along with my own experience.

Though I've picked up some helpful hints here and there from other more experience Santa Claus representatives, the videos here document what works well for me. I hope that you enjoy them as well and get to practicing in styling and understanding how hair works so that you may add to the overall appearance of Santa Claus.

Link to the TBS Video Series (available to all patrons of the Jr. Claus Workshop):

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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Santa Clause
Santa Clause
Aug 13, 2020

Hey There Stuart. I have a traditional beard frome actone and am trying to attach a piece of elastic or something like yours, got any tips?

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