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Storing Up

Hearing from you is the highlight of my day. Recently I've been brainstorming and developing ideas which includes making many different lists and checking them more than twice. It is an honor to provide these videos and other resources I myself have found helpful and hear how useful they have been to you. I give my thanks to those who are kind enough to provide feedback and their thoughts not just in comments on the blog, but on other platforms as well. It makes the world of difference.

I'm anxiously awaiting July 1st and the changes the site will go through. In addition to additional design and layout aspects, many items previously unavailable will be added to the shop. Video intros and outros, countdown clocks, lower third graphics, stationery, letterhead, it all will develop and come together as more and more is added.

One of the features I've incorporated is an item suggestion box. Should you want some digital asset to further your portrayal, fill out the form and I will see if I can create and add it to the shop. I have enjoyed hearing about different takes on Santa Claus and am excited to collaborate in creating things with you.

I myself am on a personal journey of sorts. I've been consuming a lot of media as well as creating some things and it has enhanced much of my understanding of the world. With the visit to Lone Start Santa's Round Up I was introduced to new people and new experiences. I'm happy to say that attending these events is very beneficial for anyone who desires to connect with like-minded individuals.

Life continues on in the regular fashion at home. Our children are growing and we have adapted to much of what the area has to offer. Needless to say, the pandemic has altered much of what we thought we would be doing, but we carry on nonetheless. With summer comes the end of my potential to work during the week away from home. I have been blessed to find enough work as a substitute teacher to provide for my family for the past 7 months and am excited for the new opportunities that will come my way.

Pinterest has been very helpful when planning for the future. Saving photos and pictures of all different kinds has helped shape not only my hopeful portrayal of Santa Claus, but also the dreams I have of the future. How I would love to have a studio set. There's only one thing stopping me from building it now, I don't have room to do so. Perhaps in the future I may be fortunate enough to not only have enough space for my family to live in, but also a basement in which this aspiration may come to fruition.

Lost as it may seem, time continues to give us the opportunity to grow and become something more. I'm continuing to learn more about video production, fabric and Santa suits, and using theatrical hair pieces. I have a lot of fun with this portion of my life that I only wish there were more hours in the day to experiment with this new found knowledge.

I hope you are well and keeping busy. Just a few weeks more now until new things will be added and our journey together in spreading joy and love will continue.

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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