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I Wasn't Expecting That

Isn't it amazing with the technology we now have that we can reach across the globe and become with friends we never would have without it?

This week has been something else. By the end of last week I had painted my studio and moved in a lot of things but still needed the extra space the closets could provide. After battling 18 year old canned goods and 4 large wood roaches, I've finally been able to take a seat and enjoy the backdrop of having a room dedicated to my passions.

Two weeks ago I talked about this in my post titled "New Beginnings." I cannot fully express how thankful I am that I have a place to create. My wife's family has been so kind since before we arrived and I am so thankful for the love and generosity that has been shown us.

With many Santa-themed instructional classes, get-togethers, and reunions now being hosted online via video chat, it's been enjoyable to use this time to teach other Santas what I've learned at university. Though cramming 4 years of instruction into little Zoom meetings isn't possible, I've had fun demonstrating and answering questions about basic video production principles.

Along with these (mostly "weekly") meetings that the Jr. Claus Workshop hosts, I've video chatted with some others about what I do and why the Jr. Claus Workshop was created (and what it has to offer). At this time I could go into all the benefits and purpose behind this website and why I do what I do, but I want to focus on a wonderful visit I had with another Santa Claus ambassador this week.

The message didn't come as a surprise. I've had many people message me from my YouTube videos or finding me as a part of the Christmas community. Checking my Facebook messages for message requests has become a hopeful activity for me. And this man reached out inquiring about my sleigh because he wanted to build one of his own. I answered and a few days later he sent another question after viewing another one of my videos in particular. We set up a time to Zoom and I thought nothing of it, I'm always willing to help where I could but I wasn't sure how helpful my answers would be to his inquiries.

Over the course of an hour and 15 minutes we chatted about why we loved representing Santa Claus, what got us started, and what's rewarding and hard about it. I was surprised and impressed how often he brought up specific things I'd said in different YouTube videos in relation to the topics we covered.

It was nice to sit down and have a chat. It really was. I could feel the energy and the happiness as we thought back on our seasons of service to those in our communities and how our families have been blessed.

Towards the end of our meeting he commented how much this chat had motivated him to be an even better representative of the man at the North Pole. When red suit ambassadors get together, that's usually a strong take-away of the event. I'm a bit apprehensive about this upcoming season, with the pandemic and all the things going on in the world. But I know that Christmas will endure.

I will continue to improve upon the content offered on the Jr. Claus Workshop website, Facebook, and in our Zoom meetings (details to these Zoom meetings are available on the Facebook page and no worries if you miss them as we record them and upload them on this website for all patrons to enjoy). The advancements in technology have allowed me to create so much and I'm grateful for the chance to share what little I have to anyone around the globe.

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