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Changes in Production

You will not believe how hard it is to simply CREATE things. Gah!

Many of you have voiced interest in learning more about video as it pertains to Santa Claus. This is something I'm prepared to share my secrets in, no worries, but beginning the journey of preproduction of Season 02 has been exhausting.

Not only am I working part-time as a substitute teacher until another job comes by way, but I have my gorgeous family I want to spend every waking minute with. Then duty to keeping my video skills and sharing what I've learned with fellow young ambassadors to the red suit gives me a call and I find myself wallowing in the depths of never-ending "what-ifs" and doubts.

I know that Season 02 will be leaps ahead of Season 01. Not only have I learned much more film-wise, but I have a bit more equipment to assist me along the way. It is my goal to create longer episodes full of more information and explanation behind the why of different things.

It's this writing stage that gets me stuck. This blog is a bit easier of a platform to write things on because I don't have to worry about anything except the text. When it comes to these videos I've got to get the script just right and THEN can I worry about lighting, camera, audio, editing, coloring, and if it all together will be even worth watching.

Sounds depressing, am I right?

At the end of the day it's not about if my videos are received perfectly by every audience member. In fact, on my YouTube channel there are a few thumbs down on a few of my videos (this I find interesting). I believe the main goal of creating the Jr. Claus Workshop is to provide the basic education and instruction that could help any one along their journey. I suppose even if just one of my videos helps just one person in this, I have succeeded.

I'm very much looking forward to attending the Lone Star Santa reunion and seeing others in person. I think this pandemic, change of scenery, and chapter in my life have all contributed to an underlying feeling that there's just too much to do and not enough time. It's something that I've struggled with most of my life but hasn't been this prevalent in a few years.

Putting the pen to the paper is easy, it's writing the right words that is hard. I'm one who likes to put everyone on paper first, so I can see it all coming together, and that can make an artistic vision seem impossible.

Last year at this time I set out, though discouraged, to make a good amount of Santa education videos and create an independent platform. I didn't know how relevant it would become until the pandemic arrived and then has ceased to let up. I've been so grateful for those Santas who have reached out to me and to tell me they appreciate my work. It means more than you'll ever know. It can get a bit lonely being a one-man crew, but interacting with the audience makes that loneliness pay off.

During Season 02 I will be elaborating more in detail on how I go about styling my Yak beards, what my studio set-up is, some affordable props to consider, and advice from some more experience ambassadors when it comes to those subjects we need some guidance on.

The website and its assets will go through some tweaking and rehashing (a bit like what we witnessed in December) and that bit of work must be done, though I'm very excited for the end product. Hope you are all well and excited for next season as we begin the meticulous planning and preparation to make it the best one yet.

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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