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A Scroogey Christmas

Mental health has been on my mind as of late. Along with stressing about the holidays, eating more than usual, and having very little contact in person with places and events that would usually help cheer me up, I have yet to feel a grand rush of that Christmas magic, and it's making me feel a bit scroogey.

Now don't get me wrong, I have done a few virtual visits and enjoyed those, but at the end of the day I think we can all agree that it's just not the same and we are all very much looking forward to a pandemic free Christmas.

The first rush of Christmas magic has previously happened when I, as Santa, walk into a large room and see all the children's faces light up. Other years, when the hours have been long and the children acting like they'd much rather be put no the Naughty list, I find myself appreciating the evening as I drive by twinkling lights and the beautiful snow softly falling all around.

Perhaps it's the absence of snow or twinkling lights (as we live in a very different climate and part of a city now). Perhaps it's the change in performance structure. Or perhaps I'm frustrated with how much work I have done and how little it seems to have changed this Christmas for the better.

It was only a few months ago when I began scribbling and sketching the ideas that would come to be "Santa's Christmas Special." Though we're more than halfway to Christmas, I still hope it'll provide some comfort to the Children around the world. It gave me much comfort when making it, and now I want to be a child so I may enjoy the wonder of Christmas all over again.

I don't know how many of you work so hard you're more than exhausted at the end of the day, but that's the case with me. Though many days I don't accomplish much, I have been hard at work doing what is needed and expected of me. I suppose all this work has entitled me to a vacation of sorts! I'd much rather lift the spirits of others in person, but that isn't a responsible option this year.

I do have some comfort in being invited to present at an upcoming Santa School to be held next fall. I'm very much looking forward to visiting with other representatives (fingers crossed the pandemic will be under control or eradicated by then) and speaking on the importance of video and virtual visits. As well as presenting, a very unique and professional video service will be made available to the participants of this school (very excited about this!).

We've watched almost every Christmas film we own, and I'm nearing the conclusion that without the usual amount of visits and events, I'm all "Christmassed out" or perhaps I'm all "Christmaxed" (Christmas + maxed). I'm loving the apple cider and eggnog, but I still need some of that Holiday Cheer.

Though I keep denying requests from Facebook profiles with "Santa" as part of their name (a personal and professional rule I have), it may spill over into Santa representatives from any walks of life just so I can have separation from who I am and what conundrums plague such a community (please see my previous post here). The Jr. Claus Workshop shall continue at its own pace of course, and I hope to provide unique and professional Santa video services to any willing and open-minded Santa representative, no matter their age.

Tis the time of year when the song "Blue Christmas" really strikes a chord. I think it's time I start treasuring the small moments in life instead of heavily relying on other things and other people to help provide that Christmas magic for me. Less cheese, watch the eggnog consumption, and more time to work on those things that are most important. Perhaps that'll cure my slight case of scroogeyness.

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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I know how hard it is to be Santa in a new town and during this pandemic, but YOU Stuart Deacon Jr. make people around you happy. Yes its hard to be a Santa on Zoom but you created this Jr Claus Workshop to help Santa's around the world. You help people who see these video's be the best Santa ever, they even helped me I would not be able to be a Santa without You, if you leave us, "Santa Stuart" would only be a memory and kids wont see you as Santa they would only see you as a random person in the town. Anyways We know how hard this is for you but if you have kid…

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