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My Beard Fell Off

All the Invitations of Representations have been signed and sealed, and are awaiting delivery now. Thanks to those of you who support The Workshop by being a member or purchasing items from the shop. Your contributions keep the wheels turning over here.

I'm not sick of waking up early to go exercise in them mornings, but it sure can test one's will. I've found that getting out of bed is what tests my will. Once I'm in the car and then at the gym, it's just a matter of making the most out of my time to get the results I'm aiming for. The fatique I've been feeling has decreased as the time exercising consistently has increased. Huzzah! It's not fun being tired all the time.

I had a wonderful Saturday chatting it up with my friend Matt Spaulding, who hosts and produces North Pole Radio where all sorts of topics are covered and different individuals interviewed. We recorded an episode and perhaps it may go live before the new year. Check out his content, it's absolutely stellar (you can find it anywhere you can listen to podcasts). I've enjoyed listening to episodes on my way back from the gym and on my way home from work. There doesn't seem to be enough Santa Claus content in the world, and this is an excellent resource to quench one's thirst for such.

I was working on my theatrical beard sets while watching The Kranks on Saturday before and after speaking with Matt. I've noticed the elastic around the head doesn't fit me very well and the lace where the sideburns start has been stretched out on many of my beards. The fix? Cutting the elastic off, resizing it, and trimming down the stretched out lace to make the beards fit well around the chin. This means that my adhesive is only to keep the lace laying flat, not to actually hold the beard to my face (as it has been doing with my "hero" set since I bought it around 2020).

The first beard went well. The second one I stitched it on and the elastic was too loose, so I cut the elastic and sewed it back on, and the straps for the back of the head and top of the head were reversed. Took it off and sewed it again. This time the top and back straps where where they needed to be.... but the beard was backwards. I finally got it the fourth time (hoorah for me paying attention!) and it fits snugly now, as it should.

I cannot express my gratitude for ZMHair and their products enough. I thought I'd be stuck with ActOne beards, staches, and bleaching my eyebrows and hair forever (my first three seasons). Because of this I can understand greatly what those with real beards go through to get their hair white. All my bleachings were done in a single night and burned like the dickens. Nothing like attending college with hair that yellows overtime. Thank goodness for bluing shampoo!

I've got a few more things to do for the season. I've already polished my buckles, shined my boots, and started sewing another suit for my eldest (don't worry, I've been filming it all so those of you who'd like to sew your own basic suit can see what quality my abismal sewing skills produces!).

I'm very much looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. I've never watched any parade on the television during THanksgiving, but the Mrs. says we're watching the Macy's parade. I think I'll also sneak a peak at the Chicago Parade to see our friend Phil Wenz in action upon the newly restored float used in the remake of Miracle on 34th Street.

Thank you to my Santa friends. I hope we can chat more in our virtual courses, and perhaps see each other in person someday.

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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