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Writing Santa

It seems many of my memories of magic involve old-fashion films such as Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks which (it seems) only a few of you are familiar with (here's looking at you Michael so you better drop a comment down below!) which is a misfortune to be addressed at another time.

When it comes to sending letters off to Santa Claus there are many factors to consider. I've seen ways of posting letters from the regular post box to up the chimney! Even some leave letters out for Santa with a plate of cookies and milk, but those letters are more ones of thanks rather than last minute Christmas toy lists.

I've always enjoyed an old-fashion style letter. Wax seals and Hogwarts letters have always held a fond place in my hopes. Now that I have a few wax seals of my own, I can say that it is very much a mess and good luck to getting one perfectly right on the first try (unless you've got a smaller stamp head and a bit more wax than necessary)!

This week's episode delves into the different ways letters can be used during an event or even just with your own family and friends. During this video I share how one can get an Anchorage Alaska postmark on their letters. In all honesty, I'll save you the hassel and you can buy one like I did here. WHICH JUST TOOK ME TEN MINUTES OF HEAVY GOOGLING TO FIND AGAIN SINCE I ORDERED IT TWO YEARS AGO!!! You're most welcome. Carry on.

Whether letters are used as a prop, or as a Christmas activity, they are very much a part of Santa Claus in every single way.

You can watch this week's episode here: Season 02

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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Michael Beurer
Michael Beurer
Oct 29, 2021

The magic expressed in the earlier live action films like Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Mary Poopins, Pete’s Dragon along with many of the animated one like the Black Cauldron and Fantasia have left a lasting impression on me. It is the wonderment and merriment that I want to share in my ambassadorship of the man in the red suit. Santa is magical not a magician, but the the children he is a lasting memory

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