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What of Elves?

I've struggled with a specific aspect of Santa Claus since I was first introduced to it. Though I can tolerate it now, there was a time where my nemesis as a performer was The Elf on the Shelf. Even now I find it a bit cringeworthy. Why on earth is that name be attached to such a fittingly terrifying creature? Growing up reading Goosebump novels, if any doll was said to move about at night you should get rid of it immediately. And yet, here is a trend where promoting that same belief is completely normal. No thank you.

I learned to be quick on my feet when interrogated during visits on everything that family's Elf on the Shelf knows, has been up to, and has supposedly told me. It's a fun game, but some visits go slightly awry because the adults either don't clue me in, or the children demand that I prove that I know their Elf. In all honesty, I would rather have nothing to do with those lifeless smirking baby faces with lengthy spider-like appendages.

My take on elves is developing with my tastes. I enjoy The Santa Clause elves with their youthful looks, but in the sequals the elves don't act like elves, they act like children and it really puts off the idea that they're "hundreds" of years old. The film Get Santa has classy looking bearded elves which I quite like, though The Christmas Chronicles apparently hired the Gremlin animators to create something cute for them (again, no thank you).

In performing on behalf of Santa Claus one needs to look the part and those requirements are a white beard and a red suit (generally speaking). For an elf, there really is only one thing that comes to mind: pointy ears.

Even in such stories as The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, pointy ears are a main characteristic of what sets these beings apart from mortal men. With so many interpretations out there of what elves look like, there is much that is open for anyone to adapt. It seems that we can all agree that elves should have pointy ears.

I had a few elves working for me in 2019 (see The Elf Handbook for my insruction and training resources). Along with creating costumes and basic guidelines to help establish a uniform look, I also needed to teach how to apply elf ear prosthetics.

Using liquide adhesive (spirit gum or another trusted product) I demonstrated for them how to do it. It was very helpful to have a theatrical beard background as I was very comfortable using adhesive. This week I share the same process and thoughts on elf ears and hope that you, as a Santa representative, may show this tutorial to your own elves if they have questions about applying elf ear prosthetics.

You can watch this week's episode here: Season 02

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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