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Two Lists or One?

Though not as popular as Santa sacks, Naughty & Nice Lists in some incarnation have been very popular. From scrolls to leatherbound books, these lists can take be most any shape or size and in any language from English to Elvish.

I love seeing the different types of lists out there. I've always enjoyed making lists or even pretending a rolled up piece of paper was a treasure map. During this last season I had some time to think about what props I'd like to use for my virtual visits.

Though not something one can easily see all the details of via a video, it did give a good idea to the children I visited what was inside the lovely red cover with golden lettering.

I've often heard Santas say very stubbornly "There's not two lists, there's only one!" because according to them "The Naughty list shouldn't exist!" And I tend to disagree. If there was one list and everyone was on it, whether they be naughty or nice, it would defeat the purpose of it altogether. It would cease to become magical and just a fancily-written attendance sheet.

I'd be lying if I said I've never told someone they were on the Naughty List. I do it quite often in visits with grown ups or older children once I get a feel for the dynamics of the visit. It often results in laughter or Santa adjusting his glasses and seeing that he was indeed mistaken.

Instead of having a Naughty List and a Nice List, I have one list that has both the names of Naughty & Nice children, a little summary of what they've been up to, what their parents wish they could improve upon, and whatever other notes the parents supply for the visit.

I strongly believe if we were knew a bit more about what our neighbor was going through, we would be a bit more understanding ourselves. Perhaps that's what the Naughty & Nice list is truly about.

This week's episode covers my prop making process. You can watch this week's episode here: Season 02

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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