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Losing Your Head

Welcome welcome back everyone! It's been a good while since your virtual smiling faces have been present on this website, and I'm glad you've returned once again for the second season of the Jr. Claus Workshop.

Our episode this week focuses on one of the many problems TBS members of the community face: where to display pieces once styled.

Whether mustache or beard without a home, once ready to be worn the last thing you should do is throw it into a box for the lovely curls and fluffiness to be pressed down. Real bearded members of the community wear their beards and mustaches on their faces, for TBS members all they need is an extra head or two.

Heads alone will not help display pieces, and so a neck and a body of sorts is needed. This week I share with the patrons of the Jr. Claus Workshop how I turned ~$15 and a trip to Walmart into 3 fully functional display heads for any piece I have styled and need to keep in mint condition. What ways have you stored your pieces to keep them looking fresh?

You can view this week's episode here: Season 02

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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Joseph Myers
Joseph Myers
02 jul 2021

Oh ok cool

Me gusta
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