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Cinematic Lighting

When it comes to lighting, we must first think about how it affects or creates a certain mood or atmosphere. Virtual Santa visits should be very immersive, professional, and polished. How something is lit can determine the quality that's attributed to it.

I suggest using artwork you personally have been moved by to inspire your own lighting setup. How many of us adore Haddon Sundblom's artwork that graced Coca-Cola ads for the much of the 20th century? What photos have you seen of others that you simply enjoy? What kind of Santa are you? Using lighting to craft your image will enhance your personal brand and how others see you.

Rid yourself of the regular overhead lights in a room and strategically place light sources of different strengths, color, and direction to ensure you're creating the vision you'd like others to be captivated by. No more must you think of yourself as merely an actor in front of a computer and camera, it's time to become an artist.

This week's long-awaited episode covers MY personal lighting set-up for both my livestreams, virtual visits, AND the episodes themselves. I must apologize ahead of time as my office/studio is really quite a mess just out of the regular framing I use but I'm sure you'll enjoy the different ways I've utilized the small space I film in.

You can watch this week's episode here: Season 02

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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