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Leaving the Santa Claus Community

It's been busy down here in Texas with the pandemic still going on. We've celebrated Thanksgiving and have gotten the old house a bit tidier and organized so we can start to settle in for December. But things still are feeling different this year.

I suppose it could be the difference in atmosphere. Instead of a noisy room with excited young ones and open eyes, I'm in a colder room with bright lights trying to connect to miniature figures on a 2 dimensional display. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is being affected by the difference in atmosphere and change that has accompanied what many of us knew to be a shorter season, but had hoped would be like seasons past.

It's really difficult for me, putting myself out there with professional videos and live calls, only to be ignored and overlooked by previous interested parties simply because I will not put the health of myself or my family on the line to visit any location outside of the studio. This decision was a difficult one to make, but now that the choice has been made I will not revert back, especially with the number of cases rising in the area. It's just not worth the risk.

With the absence of the yearly holiday bustle I am usually caught up in, I have found more "free time" in which I have turned to online forums and groups on social media dedicated to Christmas performers (but mainly Santa Claus representatives).

Though I plan to address the argument of real bearded versus traditional bearded Santa Claus representatives at a later date, I have had negative and positive experiences with both types of individuals. More recently I had opted to post about the Jr. Claus Workshop in response to an inquiry about how to whiten a beard. Simply stating there's a video course on the website. A few others chimed in and recommended other sites or services that would guide them. Both comments made the point that their sources they were recommending were free and, as such, undermined the whole point of making this site.

It made me want to leave the Santa Claus community.

Now, these gentlemen were in no way taking a jab at my work. On the contrary, they were offering additional instructional resources. But it reminded me of so many who have scoffed and concluded the site has nothing to offer them as they already know everything and have the best sources for doing what they do. And don't let me rain on their parade if that's the case.

Yes, there are sources out there one could find helpful, or people to call that could lend some advice. Unlike those other sources that lack step-by-step visual, the videos here on this website are dedicated to helping the common Santa representative observe how things can be done before having to go out and try them. I know how terrifying that can be, I had to try things out on my own without any visuals or step-by-step instructions.

Like many artists who put their heart and soul into their work, the videos and resources on this site are very dear to me and I hope they can help patrons near and far in all I have to offer. Though you can pick up much of the general knowledge on representing Santa Claus in other places for free, I also offer all that I have for free. But I cannot answer the phone every day, I cannot respond via messenger or text what needs to be done step-by-step.

I do hope those who have talked to me via phone, zoom, or another medium have found what I have to offer helpful in some small way. I'm learning alongside all of you who are new to this. What I do have that is valuable, and the purpose of this site, is to offer videos that are of good enough quality and resolution that step-by-step demonstrations and other helpful information can be captured in. Simply that. Go out and find what knowledge you can, my personal mission is to just document in video form all that I have found useful.

So if you're new, and ancient forums or information communicated over a phone isn't enough, I hope the videos on this site may help you see for yourself some insights into being a Santa Claus representative.

For a bunch of elder citizens, some can be quite feisty and opinionated. Some very much even "un-Santa-like." Some may not even see the point in my videos, but that's alright. The videos aren't for them who don't want them, they're made for those who do.

In the end, I still haven't decided if I should leave the Santa Claus community.

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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Santa Stuart you shouldn't leave but just put Santa on hold for a while instead of leaving forever


Jim Bartlett
Jim Bartlett
Dec 09, 2020

Stuart -

I have not been a faithful reader, not because I do not enjoy your work, but because I am very bad at FB, I cannot figure out how to follow you to attend your classes. I understand and support your Stay-At-Home stance. I have the same one. I decided early on to do only virtual visits. To that end I joined the JR group. When I saw my first video you made I immediately became a patron. Unfortunately you and your site's info became OBE (overcome by events) and I could not spend the time to search you out.

As everyone else has said: "DON"T LEAVE!" You bring a unique twist to this game that us old fogies…


Amen Sista Mel.

I lived in Philly for a few years.

Veterans Stadium, where Santas were routinely pummeled with snowballs !

Don't make us come down there Santa Stuart.


Dec 09, 2020

If anyone says anything derogatory to you it is because they are jealous. You are over the top a great asset to our Santas. I am not aware of any so completely professional video's as you provide us. It seems unusual from one so young in the business--but we see it with our own eyes. You have to remember that being Santa goes to the head of some guys. They all want to think they are the best and don't have anything to learn. In 2016 we went to the huge Santa convention in Branson, MO. One of the classes was on "How to deal with the male peacock." So you see, we all know there are those …


Unknown member
Dec 09, 2020

Santa Stuart,

I found out about you through one of the many Facebook pages that your expertise has graced. I was honored enough to win a scholarship to your site and ended up enjoying the content and the way it was presented so much I became a Patron. Being a Santa for 26 years I’ve seen many many Santa Claus ambassadors over the years.. some good, some need to really think about other career opportunities, but I want to tell you one thing straight from my heart. I have never seen someone as dedicated to your craft and an eye for authenticity as much as you. Many of us Santa’s make the man in red proud but you live it…

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