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It May be Broken...

Well, the site has been updated. Time for all the bugs to come out of the woodwork. Leave me any comments on this post on things you'd like to see in the future or current stuff that's broken on the site!

Here is the text of the above video:

"Welcome to the Santa Claus Workshop! I’m Stuart Deacon Jr. also known as Santa Stuart. This platform is where I publish as much as I can about becoming a Santa Claus. I’m very grateful to my patrons who’ve made this website and content a reality.

Here at the Workshop you can either be a free member or a patron. As soon as you create a log in, you’re a free member. Many of the pages, blog posts, and select videos are now accessible. You can also enroll in the online courses offered.

Once a member, you can choose to become a Santa Apprentice or Santa Ambassador member patron.

Santa Apprentice member patrons, In addition to the benefits available for free members, gain access to in-depth tutorials and videos geared towards the professional performer. They also receive discounts on store items and online courses.

Santa Ambassador member patrons have even more benefits which include digital assets for Santa video calls, a substantial discount for all online courses, and have the opportunity to take part in The Santa Claus Initiative at no additional cost.

The Santa Claus Workshop continues to exist due to the member patrons and their support. If this video library and collection of resources would be useful to you, sign up now to start your membership today."

I'm looking forward to interacting with you all this year through the courses and videos that'll be posted on all sorts of topics. Don't forget to spread the word/leave a comment on what YOU'D like to have accessible to you.

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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