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Independence Day

Being from an American mother and a British Father I do have my quirks and difference of going about things. Most of them have to do with what I believed to be stereotypical as a child (as my father passed away when I was 3). Top hats and patriotism have always been instilled as a part of my heritage.

To live in the United States has it's benefits and drawbacks. It would be foolish to say there was a place on this imperfect planet void of any conflict. There will always be external and internal trials as that is just a part of mortality.

My first parade was done in the summer just after I'd finished up 3rd grade. I walked next to a purple jeep to promote the local ownership of Arctic Circle (a fast food joint). Afterwards I sold crossbows made out of rubber bands and popsicle sticks at the park. I made about $10 that day (which I was VERY happy with).

My second parade was done during the summer after I'd finished 8th grade. I had been voted in as class president for our 9th grade year and somehow we all had a place in the parade. I wore a festive mullet wig containing the colors of our flag. That was a long walk that day.

My third parade was a rush. I needed to premiere the sleigh I had built to the town and as the only parade they had was the 4th of July parade, this was an opportune time. Though the sleigh only had the woodwork done, it was fun to ride in it as it was towed on a trailer.

The next year was my 4th and last parade (to date). The costume had changed and the weather was a bit warmer. This video documents that time last year.

I may do more parades in the future. For the 4th of July I always like to wear a summer get-up and just let the children know they are still loved. Santa is never the show-stopper or the focus of the attention, just a little bit of a change to see him in full daylight (as many of my Santa visits occur around or just after sunset). I will miss the city of Rexburg and what they've enabled me to do.

How's your Independence Day weekend going?

[PS If you wanna see the grumpy Santa video that I took the photo for this post from, you can find it here:

Santa's trying to enjoy summer but everything keeps becoming milk or hot chocolate when he's just trying to blend in.]

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