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The website has been under the hammer and nail, while also getting a fresh coat of paint, these last few weeks. I apologize for those things which haven’t been working. Making a website is quite fun, making it mobile friendly is another matter. I do know how important it is to make the site versatile. Many of us don’t lug around an ipad or a laptop computer, but we do carry our phones about. It is my hope that when you’d like to share a video with another member of the community you’ll be able to pull it up on your phone.

As a part of this, there will be a search function available on the website. On the Resource page, the general search bar will allow users to access blog posts and pages that contain the keywords searched for. What I had hoped was that videos would also populate there. Sadly, wix doesn’t currently allow individual videos to be searched for and pop up. My next go-to was to create an individual page per video, or even a page with a video topic with all those videos listed (I may still create and publish those pages in the future). As for now Season 01 and beyond will have a search function on their individual channel pages.

The gold mine that I’ll be using is the new all-inclusive video channel on the video page. Apprentice and Ambassador member patrons have exclusive access to this. Any episode/tutorial from any season can be searched for and viewed with less than two clicks from the landing page. Want to know about clothing? Done. Every video created that covers theatrical pieces? At your fingertips. Any video about Santa? Yes, that’s every single one.

This is a temporary workaround for the updates I’m sure wix will implement in the coming years. It is my desire to keep this platform accessible to the Santa Claus community because the information I’ve learned would only disappear if I didn’t compile it somewhere.

Making the website more navigable with each update is a large part of that. The long awaited Season 03 videos are in pre-production at the moment, there are a few more general videos I need to make for the website before we get underway. This will be the first year where the entire catalog of online courses hosted on this platform will be offered (Video Work Course, Theatrical Beards, and The Santa Claus Initiative).

Hope you like the site when it does go live with the changes.

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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