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Brand New Bag

One could argue that the most important prop in the arsenal of a Santa Claus is a Santa sack. What other prop is used as much as a sack is? I would also argue that if there is a prop that a Santa uses more than a sack, that Santa has forgotton the purpose of this mythical character.

Santa is a gift-giver, gift-bringer, and spreader of cheer. Santa's primary role is neither of a magician or entertainer, but of a figure of kindness and joy (though having skills in both performing magic tricks and entertaining/performer are helpful).

As part of the 4 episodes on Santa props, I thought the Santa Claus Workshop should cover Santa sacks, their functionality, different designs, and how you could use them during a gig. I, myself, have only ever used sacks to cart in presents. It appears there can be more to it than that.

This week's episode features thoughts on using a Santa sack from both myself (Stuart Deacon Jr.) and the knowledgeable Doug Eberhart of Pro Santa Shop and Pro Santa School. I have much to put into practice when utilizing a Santa sack, and Doug Eberhart gives some wonderful advice and tutelage from his lengthy tenure of representing the man in red.

You can watch this week's episode here: Season 02

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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