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Welcome to the Workshop!

The Workshop is dedicated to providing performers with Santa Claus education through HD video and custom online courses. The available instruction and included extensive resources are exactly what "Santa" Stuart Deacon Jr. has utilized to create the performance standard he maintains today. Though the courses on this website will compliment the instruction one can receive at an in-person Santa educational institution, previous experience is not a prerequisite to enroll.

The Workshop currently hosts video tutorials, virtual courses, and blog posts to guide others into furthering their skills, education, and appreciation of the most cherished figure in holiday history.

**The Santa Claus Workshop hosts information regarding the secret of Santa Claus. The information on this platform is accessible to those who register on this website and enroll in a membership tier.

Our Mission:

To provide readily accessible resources, fellowship, and instructional videos to those wishing to preserve and uphold the traditions of Christmas through spreading love, magic, and joy in the name of Santa Claus.

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