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Proper Research

"Books upon books upon books upon books." These are the words that describe the vast and extensively expansive resources which Dr. Bruce J. G. Kotowich has collected over the decades of portraying Santa Claus. I first met Dr. Kotowich via a theatrical beard group on Facebook and was immediately drawn to a photo which seemed to look exactly like the Coca Cola Santa Claus. When I asked him for a photo or two to create a thumbnail for this week's episode, he (unknowlingly) send that exact photo to me.

Though we've chatted a few times whether on Zoom, Facebook messenger, or email, Bruce Kotowich has always been willing to point other up-and-coming Santas to different resources of learning. I, myself, was introduced to a few books at his recommendation to learn more about St. Nicholas and what I could do to keep that legend alive.

While pondering my ponderous thoughts of thinking, an idea popped up between my ears. I would ask Dr. Kotowich to share a handful of books he would recommend to the general Santa Claus student. Little did I know that my idea of a handful was quite a bit smaller than his!

This week's episode features stellar advice and reading recommendations from this man who has been portraying Santa professionally for the past several decades. As a professor of Windsor College, Dr. Kotowich invites us into his cosy library to discuss different aspects and angles of one of two figures who have become associated with December 25th.

This episode is available as part of Season 02 starting today and is included in Santa Apprentice and Santa Ambassador level members. If you'd like to catch the free broadcast of this same episode, please join the Facebook event here.

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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