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It's Time

My friends - I call you my friends for if you have suffered with me this far you are not counted as strangers - I have somewhat to say to you regarding this time of the year. Though a season of happiness and joy, it is also one which requires much work and less rest on our part. Where much is given, whether that be tangible gifts or no, much is required. For us, that is reflected in how we spread Christmas cheer.

Without the time spent polishing our boots, our boots will not reflect the smiling faces of those little ones we will visit. Without caring for our beards, they can not capture the magnificence of Christmas as they ought to. And without continuously applying basic knowledge of caring for our clothes, we may fall into the trap of providing detraction when we otherwise could have added unto the magic of the moment, as is our duty.

I say unto you, do not let slothfullness cause your interactions to be dimmed. It gives me great joy to see many of you working and improving upon your image, skills, and relationships throughout the year that your work may be rewarded. If we desire to spread much happiness, we must excert as much in preparing for this time which is now upon us.

If you have not yet, I ask you to put aside the complacency that has previously been your companion. Waiting for New Years Day to resolve to improve is the excuse of those who do not understand what great tools time management and goal-setting can be.

Take care of what you have been given and it will grow. Wherever you may be around the world, you have the potential to help and assist so many by given them reason to smile. I ask you to look after yourselves until we can meet again and rejoice in the adventures that we will each be included in.

This week's epside is all about caring for your beloved red suit, the mantle of those who have come before us. This is the second episode this year featuring the wonderful Santa's Tailor; Bill Dendy.

You can watch this week's episode here: Season 02

Yours as always,

Santa Stuart

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